You are currently viewing Juana Ahumada: Wiki, Bio, Personal Life, Net Worth, Education

Juana Ahumada: Wiki, Bio, Personal Life, Net Worth, Education

Juana Ahumada is a rising star in the world of fashion. She has appeared on many pages in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle.

Juana Ahumada Lopez de Cardenas (born on December 28th 1957) is a Mexican businesswoman and philanthropist. She is chief executive officer and president of Grupo Modelo, which also includes Corona beer.

She was born in Mexico City, the daughter of Ignacio Ahumada Andrade and Maria del Carmen Lopez de Cardenas. His father practiced law, and her father, Abelardo Lopez Negrete, was a politician who was minister for Education during the 50s.

She graduated with a bachelor’s in economics from Universidad Iberoamericana in 1979.

Ahumada started her career with Grupo Modelo in the year 1980 as a marketing assistant in the department. Later, she held various roles within the company which included Director of Human Resources director of investor relations as well as chief financial officer. The year 2009 saw her named as president and chief executive officer of Grupo Modelo.

Under her direction, Grupo Modelo has been acknowledged as one of the top firms to manage in Mexico. It has also been recognized for its practices that promote sustainability.

Ahumada is an active member of various business associations, such as The Mexican Business Council (CMN) and the Business Coordinating Council (CCE). Ahumada is also a member of the boards of numerous non-profit organisations, like Fundacion Azteca and Fundacion Televisa.

Education and early life

Juana Ahumada was born in El Paso, Texas, on the 25th of October, 1887. The parents of her were Antonio Ahumada and Maria Gomez Ahumada. There were seven of her siblings: Concepcion, Manuela, Paulina, Francisca, Johana or Juanita, Rosaura or Rosa and Luz.

Juana Ahumada graduated from El Paso High School in 1904. Then, she studied at the Texas State University for Women (now Texas Woman’s University) in Denton, Texas. She earned her teaching certification in 1909, and then taught school for a short time at El Paso.


Juana has been a Mexican television actress who made her debut in the year 2006. Ahumada has participated in various telenovelas, such as “Los exitosos Pells” (2006), “Mi corazon es tuyo” (2014-2015) and “Que pobres tan ricos” (2016). The year 2018 was the first time she appeared as a contestant on”Que pobres tan ricos” Mexican Dance Reality Show “Bailando por un Sueno”.

Personal life

Juana Ahumada was born in Mexico City, Mexico, on the 5th of August 1984. Her family comes originated from Tepoztlan, Morelos. Ahumada began her career as an actress in soap operas at just 16. In 2001 she made her debut on film in “Nadie Sabe Lo Que Tiene” (“Nobody Knows What They Have”). She also appeared in films “Perras” (2007), “Te presento a Laura” (2010), “7 Dias” (2010) and “No se Aceptan Devoluciones” (2013). Ahumada has two daughters.

Achievements and awards

Her accomplishments and awards include:

-She won the National Mezzo-soprano Award in Mexico in 2006.

-In 2010, she won the Francisco Araiza International Singing Competition in Frankfurt, Germany.

In 2012, she won her the “Jose Iturbi” International Piano and Singing Competition in Valencia, Spain.

Salary and net worth

Juana Ahumada is a Mexican businesswoman with an estimated wealth of over $1 billion. She is the co-founder as well as the president of Grupo Empresarial Antea. The company is which is one Mexico‘s biggest construction companies. The company has been involved in many of Mexico’s significant infrastructure projects, such as those of Tijuana International Airport as well as the Mexicali Aqueduct. Ahumada is also involved in the field of philanthropy and has set up the Juana Ahumada Foundation to support education in Mexico.

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