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Blanca Clemente: Biography, Wiki, Personal Life, Family, Career

Blanca Clemente was born Aguascalientes, Mexico on April 12 1977. She was the daughter of a physician as was her mother, a housekeeper. Clemente is the oldest of two siblings. When she was just five years older, she and her parents relocated into America. United States and settled in San Bernardino, California. Clemente went to the high school of San Bernardino and graduated in 1995.


Blanca Clemente has been a American TV model and entrepreneur. She was a part of the Bravo reality show The Real Housewives of New York City from 2008 until in 2010.

Clemente is a native of New York City. She was was raised on the streets of New York City. Clemente is Dominican descent. Clemente’s parents split at the age of ten then she was brought up by her father. Clemente is the mother of two siblings as well as an older brother.

Clemente has graduated from Fordham University with a degree in communication. After her graduation, she was employed with various firms of public relations located in New York City.

The year 2008 was the first time Clemente made an appearance on Bravo reality show The Real Housewives of New York City. Clemente was a part of three seasons on the show, before stepping down in 2010.

It was in 2012 that Clemente created her very own collection of handbags dubbed Blanca Calla. The line is available on the internet and in retail shops all over in the United States.

This year, Clemente made an appearance on the Bravo reality show Watch What Happens Live.

In the year 2015, Clemente launched a jewelry collection called Blanca Vega Jewelry. The line is available on the internet and in retail stores all over all across the United States.


Blanca Clemente was born San Juan, Puerto Rico on the 21st of December 1963. Clemente is daughter to Puerto Rican writer Giannina Braschi and Argentine painter Gabriel Clemente. Clemente was born within New York City’s Greenwhich Village and went to New York public schools.

Clemente completed her studies at Stuyvesant High School in 1981 and then attended Columbia University where she studiedArt History as well as Creative Writing. After one year studying at Columbia, Clemente transferred to Cooper Union where she continued her studies in Art History. Clemente graduated with a Bachelors Degree at Cooper Union in 1985.


Blanca Clemente, a woman of business and an entrepreneur. In her professional life she founded and run several businesses. She has also worked in sales, marketing as well as business growth. Clemente holds an undergraduate degree in Science of business Administration in University of Puerto Rico. University of Puerto Rico.


Blanca Clemente performs as a musician, singer as well as songwriter and actress. Born on 27 December 1989 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Clemente began her music career in 2006 when she appeared for the tv program “Objetivo FAMA.” She was a semifinalist on the show, and then went on to make the debut of her album “Comenzar de Cero,” in 2007. The album was followed by the smash track “Tu y Yo Somos Uno.”

Clemente has released two albums “Desde El Corazon” (2009) and “Una Nueva Blanca” (2011). Clemente has also been featured in two films “El Ultimo Romantico” (2010) and “Resureccion” (2012). Alongside her involvement in film and music, Clemente is also an active patron of philanthropy. She has worked with a variety of organizations like Habitat for Humanity and UNICEF.


Born on the 10th of December 1988, in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, Blanca Clemente is a TV and film actress.

Blanca Clemente began her career by playing minor parts in Dominican film and telenovelas such like La Ley del Silencio (2006), Huracan (2007), El Rostro de Analia (2008) and Donde esta Elisa? (2010). The year 2012 was the last time she appeared as a character in an in the independent American movie Homebound produced by George P. Cosmatos. The following year , she had her part in the blockbuster Fast & Furious 6 directed by Justin Lin.

in 2014 Blanca Clemente moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in acting. Since then, she has appeared in scenes of Bones (2014), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2015) and The Brink (2015). Most recently, she has had recurring roles on Devious Maids (2016) and El Senor de los Cielos (2017).


Blanca Clemente is an entrepreneur, fashion designer and TV host. She is most famous for her work on the hit reality TV show Project Runway.

Growing up within Spain, Clemente moved to New York City at the age of 18 to pursue an opportunity in fashion design. After working with a variety of designers, she founded the label she owns, Blanca New York, in the year 2006. In the next year, she was featured as an expert panelist for Project Runway, and in 2008 she joined as a regular participant in the cast of the show.

In addition to her role as a judge on Project Runway, Clemente has also been an judge on other reality shows such as America’s Next Top Model and Project Accessory. She’s also spoken as a guest at fashion-related events all over the globe.

Personal Life

Blanca Clemente is a Argentinian model, actress and television host who is residing at Los Angeles, California. Clemente was born the 21st of March 1988 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When she was seven years old she along with her family relocated towards America. United States where she eventually moved to Los Angeles. Clemente is proficient in both English as well as Spanish.


Blanca Clemente was involved together with John Leguizamo for several years before they tied the knot. They have two kids together: Luigi and Ryder.


Blanca Clemente, an American businesswoman who is also the director for Re waterfront Properties, a real estate development firm. She is also co-founder and founder of Clemente Development Group.

The birthplace of Clemente was Miami, Florida, Clemente is a member of an ethnically diverse Cuban family that came into the United States in 1959. After having completed high school she went to Miami Dade Community College before moving into Florida International University, where she earned her bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture.

Clemente started her professional career with an architectural firm before transitioning into the field of real estate development. The year 2000 was the time she launched her own company, the Clemente Development Group with her husband, a Cuban-American investor Enrique Clemente. The firm specialized in the development of high-end waterfront homes in Miami.

Since 2008 Clemente together with husband established Re waterfront Properties, a real estate development firm which focuses on the emerging markets. Re waterfront Properties has completed plans that span Cuba, Mexico, Panama along with in the Dominican Republic.

Alongside her work in the field of real property, Clemente is also a active philanthropist, and is involved in civic associations. She sits on the board of Endangered Species International and My Little Pony Foundation.


Blanca Clemente (born November 21 1977) is a Mexican TV model, model and beauty pageant winner who was named Miss Universe Mexico 2003. She was a representative of Mexico during Mexico’s participation in the Miss Universe 2003 pageant, however, she was not crowned.

Education and early life

Growing up within Mexico City, Clemente attended the Universidad Iberoamericana where she earned an education in communications. [1]


Miss Mexico Universe 2003

Clemente was named Miss Mexico Universe 2003 on September 6, 2003 in Acapulco, Guerrero. She was then a representative of Mexico during The Miss Universe 2003 pageant held in Panama City on June 3 in 2003, but she did not be crowned Miss Universe 2003.

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