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Pokemon Ash Gray Cheats: All Working Codes

If you’re looking for methods to find Pokemon Ash Gray Cheats, then you’re at the right spot. We’ll go over all the ways that you can alter the rules to gain an advantage on the field. If it’s making use of the GameShark code or using glitches We’ll show you how to beat the rest of the players.

About Pokemon Ash Gray Cheats

Pokemon Ash Gray Pokemon Ash Gray an original fan-created Pokemon game inspired by the anime. The game’s plot follows the manga/anime plot that follows Ash Ketchum, a young boy who hopes to become an Pokemon Master. After having failed to catch the legendary Pikachu in the initial episode, he begins on a quest with his new companion Brock and strives to make Brock the most successful. The player assumes the character as Ash and will meet several of the exact characters and obstacles that the show’s characters face.

One of the most unique aspects in this particular game is the fact that every one the Pokemon are able to be captured, without having to exchange with another player. This allows you to “catch ’em all” without needing to locate someone with the Pokemon you require. Furthermore there are cheats for players who wish to make progress in the game, or just simplify their lives.

Below is a list of a few of the most well-known cheats that are available for Pokemon Ash Gray. They are able to be entered into GameShark and Action Replay codes to unlock different effects.

Basic Cheats

To enter cheat code that is gray ash, first you have to access your cheat menu. Press “up, up, down, down, left, right, left ,right, B, A”. This will open an option to cheat. To enter a cheat code, click “select” to bring up the input screen. A list of cheat options will be shown. To input cheats, choose the option you want to enter the cheat code for and then type in the code you want to use. If it is done correctly, the message will be displayed on screen that says “Cheat activated”.

Advanced Cheats

In addition to the standard cheats, there are advanced tricks you can employ to enhance the game fun. They include

  • Unlimited money This cheater will allow you’ll have unlimited money to spend on products or Poke Balls.
  • All Poke Balls The cheater will provide you with all the various types of Poke Balls which means that you can capture any Pokemon you’d like.
  • All healing items The cheat will grant your an endless supply healing items, meaning you can keep your Pokemon well.
  • All Evolution stones This cheat will give you all the different evolution stones so that you can change the form of your Pokemon into any shape you like.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to play Pokemon Ash Gray:

  • To capture rare Pokemon Try making use of a Master Ball.
  • If you’re looking to improve your Pokemon rapidly, make use of an exp. Share.
  • To access the secret areas of the game make use of Surf as well as Flash.
  • To be able to beat The Elite Four, train your Pokemon until you reach level 60.


There are numerous secrets to Pokemon Ash Gray can be discovered If you are aware of where to search. Below are a few of the most intriguing and useful secrets we’ve discovered so far.

  • There is a way to get unlimited Master Balls by chatting with Professor Oak in his lab following beating those who are Elite Four.
  • There’s a secret location within Mt. Silver where you can locate Shadow Lugia.
  • It is possible to encounter rare Pokemon like Pokemon Tower Ghost Marowak as well as Saffron City Mr. Mime through cheats.

We hope that you enjoy these secrets. Please keep checking back regularly to learn more!

Easter Eggs

Here are some Easter-themed fun eggs that you can find in Pokemon Gray: Gray:

  • If you visit Professor Oak’s laboratory there’s a notebook filled with details about all the Pokemon Ash has caught.
  • The Viridian Forest will discover In Viridian Forest, you can find a Pikachu who knows how to Surf. This is an allusion to the show “The School of Hard Knocks.”
  • Within Cerulean City, there’s a building that has a picture of Meowth which reads “Mr. Mime is aJynx.” This is an apparent reference to the movie “Beauty and the Beach.”
  • Within Saffron City, there’s a man who’ll exchange you for a Mr. Mime for a Jynx. It’s an allusion in “Beauty and the Beach.”
  • If you Surf close to Bill’s residence near Cerulean City, you’ll find an undiscovered entrance for underground paths. Underground Path.


A few gamers like to play with game glitches in order to discover innovative and novel ways to play. While the majority of glitches are harmless and easily corrected by patching, some could have serious consequences.

Here are some typical glitches that you could encounter while using Pokemon Ash Gray:

  • “Super Glitch “Super Glitch” causes your game to crash, and may damage your saved data. It is possible to avoid this glitch by avoiding specific Pokemon actions in combat.
  • The “Missingno.” glitch lets you capture powerful Pokemon which aren’t present on the map. However, this technique can cause problems with the saved game data.
  • “Fly” glitch “Fly” glitch allows you to go to any location within the game without having to walk to or using any type of transportation. But, this glitch could also affect the saved game data.


Q: What’s the best method you can play Ash Gray?

A: The best method to be successful in playing Ash Gray is by using cheating. This will allow you to stay ahead and get the most out of every minute you play.

Q: What cheats are there in Ash Gray?

A: A large array of cheats is offered for Ash Gray. They include codes that grant players unlimited money or items as well as HP.

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