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Bidet Converter Kit: Complete Kit Information

The kit comes with everything you require to transform the toilet to a bidet including step-by-step instructions and details on technology. The process of installation is easy and takes only a few minutes. The kit includes a T valve which connects to the plumbing line for your toilet the water pressure regulator an hose, and an nozzle for spraying.

What exactly is a bidet convertor kit?

The bidet conversion kit can be described as a gadget that connects to the toilet and lets you make use of the bathroom without having to utilize toilet paper. Instead you can use water to wash yourself. This is an environmentally sustainable method of cleaning yourself. It will also help you save the cost of toilet paper.

How does a bidet conversion kit function?

Bidet conversion kits are simple to set up and can be used with your toilet to offer a clean and clean experience. They include everything you require to start and include a step-by step guide to help you install it yourself within moments.

  • Your toilet transforms into a system of hygienic cleaning
  • Everything you need to make installation easy
  • Spray pressure can be adjusted to create an individual cleaning experience
  • Most toilets will fit – no plumbers required!


Tools You’ll Need

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Drill and 3/16″ drill bit (If the drill is mounted on a wall with ceramic tiles)
  • Valve for shutting off the long nose (not included)
  • Teflon tape (not included)

1. Shut off your water source to the toilet. Clean the toilet to eliminate any remaining water from the bowl and tank. Use a rag to cover the bowl of the toilet to keep tiny pieces of material from falling in and becoming lost.

2. Unlock and remove two screws that hold the seat in place with an adjustable wrench. The seat should be removed and put it aside. If the seat is secured to the frame using bolts instead of screws remove the nuts that hold the seat in place using an adjustable wrench. Finally, take the bolts and seat off. Put the seat away.

3. Unscrew the retaining bolt on the side of the tank with an adjustable wrench, then remove the lid of the tank and put it aside. The toilet should be flushed again to drain any water left from this tank to the toilet below. In accordance with the type of toilet you might need to remove the water supply line from the tank prior to you are able to remove it. Unscrew the coupling nut of it using an adjustable wrench. Then, place the lid of the tank aside.


It is crucial to keep your bathroom spotless and free of mineral build-up. To accomplish this, we suggest using vinegar along the bidet’s line every couple of months. This can be done by disconnecting the water supply from your bidet , and then attaching an open funnel to the end. Pour the vinegar in the funnel and let it be pushed through the bidet until it is released at the other side. After this then, connect the water supply to the bidet and flush it numerous times to eliminate any remaining vinegar.

The advantages that come from using a bidet conversion kit

The most significant benefit of using the bidet convertor kit is it could make it easier to save dollars in the long run. If you have to constantly purchase toilet paper shampoo, toilet paper and conditioner, you are aware of how costly these products can be. With the bidet converter kit you only need to pay for the bidet and an adapter kit. This could help you save cash over the course of time, particularly when you have to purchase these products frequently. Additionally, having an electronic bidet converter can aid in reducing the carbon footprint of your home. If you’re looking to do your part to save the planet and the environment, this is something you should think about.

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