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Be Your Own Reason To Smile – Self Motivation

There are plenty of things in our lives that bring a smile on our faces. It could be a gorgeous sunset, the joy of children or a nice phrase from a close friend. However, sometimes it’s difficult to find something that we can smile about. It’s the time be able to be your own reason to smile.

Whatever life throws to us in the future, we can choose the way we respond. If we decide to be happy, we could alter our entire perception of life. In a flash, the sun appears to be a bit brighter and the weight of our lives seem a bit lighter.

When we observe people smiling it makes us smile, too. If we choose to laugh, we don’t only feel better about ourselves however, we also have the ability to make the people in our lives feel better too. Is there anything more satisfying than this?

If you’re feeling low, take the time to think of things that make you smile and use that as the reason you smile. You’ll be amazed at how you feel!

Positive Energy and Positivity Positivity

There’s no reason to allow the stress of life drag you down. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind how your mindset can be the one that makes a huge difference in the way you feel. If you concentrate on positive aspects and positive, you’ll be more likely to find the positive in people and the environment that surround you. It will lead to a happier and more satisfying life.

Here are some suggestions to bring positive energy into your life:

  • Begin each day by focusing on a positive outlook. Every morning you should take a few minutes to consider something positive you can do this day. This could mean as easy as having a chat with a good friend over coffee or getting a task completed at work.
  • Concentrate on the positive. If you are prone to dwelling in negative thought patterns, step back and attempt to look at the issue from a different angle. For instance, if you’re irritated by a dispute with a person you know Try to think of every time you’ve managed to work through similar situations with ease.
  • Create positive thoughts. Through the day, be reminded of the many reasons why your life is good. For instance, “I am lucky to have such supportive friends and family,” “I am grateful for my good health,” or “I am happy with who I am becoming.”
  • Spend time with people who are positive. Make a conscious effort to surround yourself with people that make you feel confident about yourself and are supportive of your goals and aspirations. They are the ones who can lift you up whenever you’re struggling and encourage you to be proud of your accomplishments.

The Power to be Your Own Motivation To Smile

A smile can be the catalyst to alter your mood and even your whole life. It’s an expression of joy, happiness and love. It’s also a personal power. The smile is the universal language of happiness. smile represents the universal expression of positive emotions and is an instrument to:

-Improve your mood -Reduce stress

-Boost your immune system

Reduce your blood pressure

Make you look more appealing to others

Reduce pain

Entertain you

Feel good about yourself

Although it’s true that the smile can be worth thousands of word, it’s also true that there’re occasions when it’s tough to get one. If you’re having trouble finding ways to make yourself smile here’s some suggestions:

Focus upon the good. It is a good habit to seek out the positive in every circumstance. If you notice yourself dwelling on the negative, turn your focus to something else that makes you feel happy. For instance, if there’s a traffic jam instead of expressing anger take a break and listen to your favorite radio or music.

Spend time with those who inspire you to laugh. Spend time with family and friends who inspire you and help you to feel happy. If you’re in their company you can let go of all the stress that you face and be present in the moment.

Do something nice for others. Giving back to others is a wonderful opportunity to lift your spirits and brighten the day of someone else. If you’re helping someone you know or helping out with an important cause, the acts of kindness will be a source of joy for your day.

The importance of being yourself

It’s easy to forget who we truly are and what we believe as we’re constantly bombarded by images and messages by the news media, friends and even society at large. It’s essential to take a moment and think about the things that make you unique and distinctive. Find your own reason to smile!


Everyone has their own reasons for smiling. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a stunning sunset or a child’s smile. Sometimes, it’s something much more significant, like an increase in salary or a move to a new house. Whatever the reason smiling is among the most enjoyable and easy things we can do every day.

If you ever are feeling low Take some time to think about your own reasons for smiling. It could be just the motivation you require to make your day better!

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